Aerospace Demanding requirements call for extreme tribometers

Cost, safety and reliability aspects are of paramount importance in the aerospace industry.

Every single component has a significant influence on the entire system's reliability and longevity. Likewise, however, each component is subject to demanding requirements, including different load and ambient conditions, changing atmospheric conditions, corrosive gases, high pressure or vacuum, extreme temperature fluctuations and different forces. The requirements profile for tribological measurements resulting therefrom requires the test setup to be as close to practice as possible. Optimol tribometers are perfectly capable of simulating these conditions. Materials, coatings and components can be analysed and optimised on the basis of customised tests. Unique on the market, the possibilities, special designs and options available for our tribometers and test benches leave nothing to be desired. We prove our competency time and again by offering solutions for extreme requirements.




Examples of tribological challenges
  • Friction and wear behaviour of vacuum lubricants 
  • Thermal behaviour of lubricants within high and low temperature ranges 
  • Material compatibility of lubricants and components under realistic ambient conditions
    (e.g. at -45°C)
  • Quantifying the fretting wear of aviation greases 
  • Temperature resistance of lubricants under dynamic loads (Scuffing (T)) 

Relevant standards and specifications

ISO 19291 / DIN 51834-2 / DIN 51834-3 / DIN 51834-4 / DIN 51834-7 / ASTM D5706 / ASTM D5707 / ASTM D6425 / ASTM D7421 / ASTM D7594 / ASTM D8316 / ASTM D8227 / ASTM WK71194 / ASTM G99-17 / ASTM F2661 / NLGI HPM-Greases

Materials / Components

Examples of tribological challenges
  • Behaviour at high and low temperatures with regard to the wear of materials 
  • Wear resistance of materials produced using additive or conventional manufacturing processes
  • Durability and fail-safety of components 
  • Wear resistance of coatings subject to strong vibrations and varying temperatures 

Relevant standards and specifications

DIN 51834-3 / ASTM D7217-16 / ASTM G99-17 / DIN EN 1071-13 / DIN ISO 7148-1:2014-07 / DIN ISO 7148-2:2014-07 / ISO 20808 / DIN EN 1071-12 / ASTM F2661

Tribometers / Equipment Options

  • Noise emission measurement  
  • Online wear measurement   
  • Low temperature unit
  • Vacuum 2disk