Vacuum 2disk - Two-Disc Test Bench

Testing of heavily stressed, lubricated rolling contacts under vacuum conditions

The Vacuum 2disk Implements a Challenging Load Spectrum under Vacuum

With the vacuum 2disk, the comprehensive load spectrum offered by a two-disc test bench has been supplemented by the demand for vacuum. Using this special version, it is possible to test the friction, wear and fatigue of rolling contacts under a fine vacuum.

This creates environmental conditions such as those required in the aerospace, medical technology and special equipment engineering industries.

  • Vacuum of up to 10³ mbar
  • Test disc diameters: 45mm and 60mm
  • Use of spherical test discs
  • Continuous rotary motion with adjustable slip
  • Periodically reversing roller movements

Measuring Principle

The measuring principle is identical to that of the regular 2disk model.

Two cylindrical discs mounted on rotating drive shafts are pressed against each other at their lateral surfaces.  The various variables are measured continuously during the process which takes place in an adjustable vacuum with atmospheric pressures of up to 10³ mbar.  Equipped with special rotary feedthroughs and vacuum bellows, the vacuum-sealed test chamber is able to reliably maintain the vacuum even at speeds of up to 1000 rpm.

Technical Data - Standard Configuration

  • Technical Data - Standard Configuration
  • Sturdy design for low-vibration operation
  • Drive power: 2 x 11 kW
  • Circumferential speeds up to approx. 5 m/s
  • Standard force loading system: 10 - 5000 N
  • Maximum surface pressure of up to 5 GPa
  • Speed: 1 - 1000 rpm
  • Variable slip: ±100%
  • Temperature range of the oil bath: RT - 100°C
  • Pressure of up to 10³ mbar
  • Vacuum pump and sensor available as an option


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Vakuum 2disk-Detail-2View of the 2disk tribometer's vacuum chamber
Vakuum 2disk-DetailDetailed view of the test contact
Vakuum 2disk-ScreenshotTechnical drawing of the Vakuum-2disk