Software Solutions - A Wide Variety of Options

Our tribometers' powerful software architecture

Software and Tribometer - Perfectly Compatible


Our tribometers and test benches have proved their worth over the years and undergone further technical development. This also applies in particular to the continuing development and variety of our software. In order to meet the high demands for intuitive and powerful software, we are constantly working on exhausting every single possibility. That is progress that can be experienced!

OCA Software - Benefits that Fascinate

Our tribometers and test benches build on FPGA-based high-performance electronics. This requires powerful high-speed data acquisition for analysing and visualising several gigabytes of process data. An intuitive touch panel facilitates the operation, control and visualisation of complex tribological measurements.
The broad range of options ensures user-friendly equipment control, data acquisition and evaluation. It is the basis for quickly gaining efficient, performance-oriented and highly precise tribological knowledge.
Automation and IOT interfaces round off the software package and turn it into a state-of-the-art system for your current and future challenges.

OCA-Desktop HauptansichtOCA desktop software start screen
Editor für SollwertprofileSimple process control with programmable setpoint profiles
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Touch screen functionality
  • All Optimol products run with the same software
  • Localisation
  • Straightforward recording, evaluation and display of the measured values
  • Online display and evaluation of graphical and numerical results
  • Easy data management for structured testing
  • Full network capability for control and evaluation
  • Network-wide availability of process data
  • Overview of the current appliance status (150 appliance data in total)
  • More than 40 data measurement channels with 64-bit resolution provide raw data for a detailed result analysis
  • Easy export to all common file formats
  • Precise traceability: all appliance settings, parameter sets and data logger configurations are saved along with the measurement data
Online Statusübersicht mit MessdatenanzeigenOnline view of all process and measurement parameters

Software options that leave nothing to be desired:

  • Automatic test run performance using the perfect A-POS® module
  • Automatic test force calibration
  • Representation of friction hystereses
  • OPC UA interfaces
  • Triboprofiling - Automatic test data evaluation and archiving