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Comprehensive Services Provided Directly by the Manufacturer

Our tribometers are renowned for their precision, high quality, wide range of analysis options, robust design and decade-long service life. In order for our customers to be able to fully benefit from our products' advantages over their entire service life, we offer worldwide and comprehensive services. Fast, competent and reliable.

Training Courses


Training in the use of our appliances

Our tribological test systems offer a broad range of options. To ensure that their potential can be used to the fullest extent in your specific test scenarios, your experts will be trained directly at your future test system before it is shipped. We explain the complete range of applications and ensure that you will benefit from your new test instrument in the best possible way. Advanced training courses tailored to your specific needs are offered for advanced users with practical experience. Special requirements call for tailor-made consulting and training concepts. We will find a solution here as well.


Courses & Seminars

Benefit from our experts' know-how, no matter if it is about basic knowledge or special topics from the area of tribological model testing

  • Appliance operation workshop
  • Software training
  • Task-related test mode development based on the tribology system's stress analysis
  • Result interpretation



Free, short webinars on industry-specific solutions are held on a regular basis. Visit our news page to learn more.


Service offerings


Equipment service

Our service commitment covers your equipment's entire period of use. To get you off to a good start, our technicians will support you during installation and commissioning. In-depth user training will familiarise you with the appliance's handling, operation and testing procedures. You may always get in touch with us if you have any questions or need assistance. That is our commitment and your guarantee that your test system will operate smoothly right from the start. You can rest assured that we will get back to you in no time and provide rapid assistance by working remotely on your system, shipping parts, sending out our service technicians or helping you in video conferences.


Testing Services

We offer tribological analyses at the highest level. Your tribological testing assignments are carried out in our Munich-based SRV® TriboProfiling laboratory. Whatever your requirements, you will benefit from our many years of experience in transferring real test contacts to model test environments, our employees' high level of competence and the comprehensive services offered by our SRV® TriboProfiling laboratory. Use our range of services according to your individual needs.


Service Agreements

Depending on your requirements, we offer customised service agreements for terms between twelve months and three years. Depending on your needs, you can book the all-round carefree service package including spare parts quota, replacement PC and additional emergency services or the small service package which only includes annual maintenance. Whatever your choice, the service package includes unlimited telephone support for operation and software-related questions.


Comprehensive quality assurance for the industrial use of model testing equipment is based on three cornerstones. This is the only way to ensure test results that offer maximum precision. Reference tests have no informative value unless they have been carried out using properly calibrated appliances.


Calibration run with reference standards

With the delivery of your tribometer, you will receive an original friction coefficient diagram. We recommend that a calibration run be performed twice a month. For this purpose, we have developed a special calibration setup that reliably calibrates the measuring system independent of the lubricant and specimens. This makes it possible to check your measuring instrument's proper functioning on a long-term basis. Compared to the classic reference method, the measuring accuracy is higher by a factor of 10. The calibration unit performs a multi-point calibration. A calibration run with reference specimens and calibration oil for classic, single-point calibrations of your SRV® oscillation tribometer is available as an option. Users of translational measurements are thus given the possibility to ensure the quality of the test results on a continuing basis.


Appliance calibration

To ensure our test instruments' reliability and precision, we recommend having an annual calibration carried out by our trained service technicians. Performed in compliance with the requirements of all relevant QM standards, our calibration is documented by a corresponding certificate and provides all necessary data relating to traceability and measurement uncertainty.


Interlaboratory tests

Optimol Instruments organises international interlaboratory tests for various tribological standardisation projects. These are integral parts and indispensable instruments when it comes to external and internal quality management. For our customers, participation is synonymous with the validation and certification of their technical processes. An independent certificate confirms that your results are within the statistical spread of the results available for the interlaboratory test. For accredited testing laboratories, a successful participation in interlaboratory tests and the corresponding certificate are indispensable for successful auditing or accreditation.