SRV® X-AT - A Tribometer for Extreme Atmospheric Conditions

Tribology testing under challenging environmental conditions

SRV® Measurements under Pressurised High-Temperature Superheated Steam or in Gas Atmospheres

The SRV® X-AT special tribometer was developed for studying the tribological properties of materials under the most demanding environmental atmospheres. It stands for competence and feasibility of tribology testing in a periphery of pressure, gas atmospheres, steam or high-temperature gases.

  • Combination of extreme conditions
  • Pressures of up to 10 bar
  • Ambient temperatures of up to 700°C
  • Specimen temperatures of up to 1000°C
  • Gas atmospheres
  • Steam
  • The test chamber is not subject to the Pressure Vessels Safety Regulations

A Sophisticated Measurement Chamber for Challenging Conditions.

The system can be equipped in such a way that pressures of up to 10 bar and/or ambient temperatures of up to 700°C can be applied in the test chamber. It simulates extreme environments and varies the pressure, the temperature and the atmospheric composition.

Measuring Principle and Design

The measuring principle is identical to that of the SRV® basic system with oscillation. However, the special feature of the SRV® X-AT is the pressure chamber's monolithic design which offers a number of unique advantages:

  • Due to the special design, there are no welding seams requiring monitoring.  This means that the chamber is not subject to the Pressure Vessels Safety Regulations, which in turn eliminates the need for regular and costly inspections.
  • The special high-temperature alloy used has been approved for use with pressure vessels according to Vd-TüV.   It allows testing to be carried out in superheated steam as well as with various gases or corrosive media.
  • An exogenous heating concept was chosen to avoid condensation.  It allows minimising the media's condensation points within the test chamber.
  • The easy-to-operate test chamber can be adapted to any task and sample size.
  • The SRV® X-AT has been designed for long-term testing.
SRV-X-AT-Detail-1Front view of the X-AT's test chamber
SRV-X-AT-Detail-2The side view clearly shows the sturdy design and the flange feedthroughs.