2disk - Two-Disk Test Bench

Tribological testing of heavily stressed rolling contacts

2disk - For Demanding Load Spectra

Our Two-Disc test bench is the number one choice when it comes to testing materials, coatings or lubricants in heavily stressed, lubricated rolling contacts. A tried and tested tribological model test bench, it is used for basic tribological testing using two discs which are individually driven and compressed in a defined manner. It can be used to study tribological systems subjected to stress generated by rolling and sliding motions. Function and application-oriented practical simulations as they occur in rolling bearings, gears, cam followers and wheel-rail systems.

2disk - Zwei-Scheiben-Prüfstand
  • Test disc diameters: 45mm and 60mm; larger disc diameters available upon request
  • Use of spherical test discs
  • Continuous rotary motion with adjustable slip
  • Periodically reversing roller movements
  • Specimen rotating against a stationary counter-body, e.g. component application
  • Implementation of set-ups for component testing, e.g. friction bearings

Measuring Principle

Two cylindrical discs are mounted on separately rotating drive shafts. These are pressed against each other at their lateral surfaces. The load, temperature, speed and slip variables can be varied dynamically. In addition to these variables, the friction force and the total linear wear can be measured continuously during the process. Both drives can be parameterised synchronously (master-slave operation with adjustable slip) or asynchronously (independent speed control of both drives).

2Scheiben Prüfscheiben-TestbereichTwo parallel shafts move the test discs at speeds of up to 3000 rpm
2Disk-DetailThe 2disk's actual test contact: two rotating discs
2Disk-Detail_10_RückseiteRobust mechanics and quiet bearings ensure low-interference results

Technical Data - Standard Configuration

Sturdy construction for low-vibration operation
Drive power: 2 x 11 kW
Peripheral speeds of up to approx. 10 m/s
Standard force loading system: 10 - 5000 N
Maximum surface pressure of up to 5 GPa
Speed: 1 - 3000 rpm
Variable slip: ±100%
Temperature range of the oil bath: RT - 130°C


  • Wear measurement
  • Measurement of the sound emission between the specimens
  • Measurement of the electrical resistance
  • Temperature measurement on a test disc
  • Air conditioning
  • Water cooling of the drive axles
  • Pumping device for oils
  • High Resolution Signal Analysis 2-disk

Our animation explains the 2disk's working principle