Production Optimising components subject to high tribological loads in production

Continuous and smooth-running production is what drives each and every company.

Plant standstills, downtimes, maintenance work and repairs take a lot of time and cost a lot of money. That is why the economic consequences caused by tribological deficiencies are quite far-reaching. Moving and interacting components used in production processes are, as is the case with many other areas, subject to the effects of friction and wear. The optimisation of wear points in production machines and tools and the improvement of operating materials contribute to avoiding material failures, increasing the service life and generating energy savings in the production process. This is where our competency in holistic tribological solutions comes into play. When it comes to product development and predictive maintenance, we make a significant contribution to increasing added value and sustainability.




Examples of tribological challenges
  • Improving the wear behaviour of tools (selection of materials, heat treatment and coatings)
  • Improving the surface quality of tools
  • Material compatibility with both workpieces and operating materials
  • Reducing the noise level at the production facility
  • Wear resistance in conveyor systems

Relevant standards and specifications

DIN 51834-3 / DIN 51834-4 / ASTM D7217-16 / ASTM D8316 / ASTM D8227

Operating Materials/Fluids

Examples of tribological challenges
  • Energy savings through friction reduction
  • Heat absorption during the machining process
  • Improvement of the surface quality
  • Increasing the operational life of cooling lubricants
  • Frictional behaviour of cooling lubricants
  • Protecting the components of conveyor systems against wear

Relevant standards and specifications

ASTM G99-17

Tribometers / Equipment Options

  • Oscillation standard appliance
  • A-POS: fully automated standard tests
  • Rotation unit
  • Fluid pump
  • Online wear measurement
  • High Resolution Signal Analysis (Software)
  • Advanced Tribodata (Software)
  • Triboprofiling (Software)
  • Liquid bath
  • Online wear measurement