Vakuum SRV®5 Tribometer

Friction and Wear Measurement in a Vacuum

The Advantages of the SRV®5 Teamed with Vacuum

Functional tribological investigations always require realistic environmental conditions, which also applies to applications under vacuum. In order to obtain precise results, it is necessary to create comparable environmental conditions. The vacuum tribometer gets its technology from the tried and tested SRV®5 tribometer. It serves as the basis for the special design with vacuum chamber. Thus, the SRV®5 tribometer's many advantages can also be used here. A vacuum of 10-6 mbar can be achieved in the test chamber. During the testing process, the vacuum status is continuously measured by a high-precision sensor.

  • High vacuum of up to 10⁶ mbar
  • Materials research
  • Self-lubricating systems
  • Spiral orbit specimen holder set for ASTM F 2661-07
  • SRV® standard tests

Areas of Application of the Vacuum SRV®5 Tribometer

The vacuum SRV®5 tribometer is ideal for studying the friction and wear of solid materials, hard coatings and lubricants under high-vacuum conditions.
Typical applications include self-lubricating coatings, the resistance of sliding coatings, the compression of surface contacts, vacuum pumps or applications in the aerospace industry. A spiral orbit specimen holder set is available for testing the service life of lubricants and materials under vacuum conditions according to ASTM F 2661-07.

Vakuum-SRV-1Generation of relative movement: electromagnetic oscillation drive
Vakuum-SRV-2The centrepiece: the test contact on the oscillation block
Vakuum-SRV-3-Spiral-OrbitSpiral orbit test set-up for the rotating vacuum SRV®5

The Advantages of the Vacuum-Version SRV®5 Tribometer

A special test chamber is required for measurements under vacuum. All standard specimens as well as your own components can be installed in the chamber which was designed to allow the use of the SRV®5 tribometer's entire range of options. This expands the range of applications for measurements in a vacuum to a significant extent.

A two-stage pumping system is available as an option.