Quality assurance that rests on three pillars

Comprehensive quality assurance is essential for the industrial use of model test equipment. This is the only way to guarantee test results of the highest precision. Reference studies or comparisons of competing products are only meaningful if carried out on correctly calibrated equipment.

  • Offer of annual calibration of your test device by our service engineers
  • Reliable function check through the calibration run with our calibration oil
  • Opportunity to participate in our annual interlaboratory collaborative tests

This is why our quality assurance is based on three pillars:

Calibration Service

We recommend the annual calibration of your test equipment in accordance with ISO 9000, performed at your company by our technician. You obtain a calibration certificate and declaration of conformity based on the values measured.

Calibration run with our calibration oil

As an Optimol Instruments customer, you receive an original friction coefficient diagram at the time your test system is delivered. By performing a calibration run with our calibration oil twice monthly, you can reliably monitor the functionality of your machine at regular intervals.

Interlaboratory collaborative tests

We perform annual international interlaboratory collaborative tests (round-robin tests) with different projects. Our customers can participate in these. All participants receive an official certificate which confirms that the results lie within the statistical spread for the interlaboratory collaborative test results.