Whatever your questions

our products have the answer

After decades of intensive exchange with customers in many different industries, we have the right solution for practically any of your problems. The consequence of our in-depth practical experience is an enormous spectrum of applications for our tribological model test systems. These include testing during product development and optimization, failure analysis testing, component testing, quality assurance, mechanism-oriented investigation of friction and wear, or standards testing.

  • Solutions with great practical relevance
  • Wide range of possible applications
  • Smart evaluation methodology for extensive knowledge gains



Systematic knowledge gains

Our test systems always provide solution-oriented strategies. The use of tribological model testing depends on the differentiation options available to the evaluation methodologies. The primary result quantities – such as friction coefficient and wear, which are obtained directly from the friction contact – are the basis for subsequent detailed evaluation in the form of secondary result quantities. The latter consists of derived result quantities, i.e. result quantities calculated from primary result quantities and other measured values. This brings you more levels of more knowledge.

Further information on special application areas is available here: