Built-in intelligence

for new testing options

Test monitoring is anchored into the system intelligence of our device technology and helps you achieve your objectives by the shortest path. It also lets you focus on entirely new dimensions of problems during test design. For the first time, tests can be controlled based on reactions from the tribosystem itself. This occurs through event-oriented condition monitoring and control – i.e. permanent monitoring of all measurement channels – as well as storage of all results in a database. > Learn more

Three condition editors are available to define events that must trigger variable changes if they occur. These enable the definition of different levels of testing complexity.

  • Built-in system intelligence enables permanent monitoring of the measurement channels in a test
  • Focus on narrow research objectives possible

Test monitoring – Functional model

Your Options

Do you need a test procedure for a narrowly defined investigation?

  • Rule-based classification of results during the test, e.g. in what temperature range can a lubricant be used? The test temperature is increased until the friction coefficient exceeds a permitted limit.
  • Performance limit testing.

Fulfillment of specified requirements:

  • testing whether a product meets specified requirements.
  • Demonstrating that a developed product exceeds specified requirements.
  • Determining the properties of tribosystems in specific bandwidths.