Triboprofiles of DLC layer and substrate combinations

In modern constructions, friction- and wear-reducing DLC coatings (diamond-like carbon coatings) are frequently used for lightweight design, downsizing and efficiency-enhancing measures. Our test system analytics allow rapid creation of detailed tribological profiles of layer and substrate combinations.


  • You can examine layer and substrate combinations for adhesive strength, wear resistance and friction reduction.
  • You can investigate damage mechanisms, determine running smoothness properties and determine wear coefficients. This is achieved by online analysis of ultrasonic emissions and electrical contact resistance in combination with friction signals.
  • Tribosystems can be examined in lubricated or dry states.
  • Incorporating climatic conditions in the testing scenario allows the simulation of realistic usage.
  • Assistance by automated TriboProfiling® analysis rapidly provides meaningful tribological profiles of layer and substrate combinations.
  • DLC coatings are also used as wear layers on piston pin applications. The SRV® test system can help investigate the piston pin in its function as part of the piston pin-connecting rod eye system.

Ill. Temporal sequence of FFT spectra of the acoustic emission signal.