Variable test chamber inclination for application-compliant mounting position and motion axis

An inclination mechanism allows the angle of the entire test chamber – and with it, the axis of movement of the test components – to be infinitely adjusted in a range from 0° to 90°. This provides you with a much wider representation of the functional properties of the tribosystem and significantly increases your understanding of it. Please note that all types of movement available in the SRV®, including oscillation, rotation and reversing movements, can be included in test scenarios with an inclined test chamber.

  • Variable inclination of test chamber for realistic component installation
  • Inclined test chamber for test scenarios with all types of movement
  • Significant expansion of knowledge


  • Investigation of lubricant and material suitability under realistic installation conditions.
  • Evaluation of emergency running properties, lubricant adhesion and creep properties in connection with the coatings used.
  • Simulation of the vertical movement between engine piston rings and cylinder liners.