Perfect handling for component tests

Our test systems allow exceptionally application-oriented and variable test contact design. We have equipped our oscillation and rotation module with innovative clamping and recording mechanisms. You can easily integrate the widest range of component forms in the test setup. Test chambers with large, variable installation space offer additional flexibility for the installation of original components.

  • Innovative mounting and recording mechanisms for integrating many different practical components
  • Practice-oriented testing scenarios for relevant results and fast development

Fully configured test scenarios allow fast development

When it comes to frequently occurring problems in motor simulation and lubricant development, our customers can rely on fully configured test scenarios that comprehensively represent the use conditions of different component groups. Contact geometry, mounting position, motion and lubrication characteristics, surface pressure as well as temperature and ambient conditions can be included in the simulation just as well as rule-based sequence control of the test.

Opportunities enabled by original components

  • Rapid tackling and mastering of new tasks.
  • Simulation of the usage conditions of your components with excellent correlation to practice.
  • In conjunction with other measurement and analysis methods, achievement of results and evaluations with outstanding practical relevance.