Simulation of ambient atmosphere in the test chamber

The range of physical conditions our test systems can map is unique in the area of tribological model testing. We recreate the ambient atmospheres required by your applications with special test chambers, external devices, or a combination of both.

  • Simulation of a wide range of physical conditions
  • Special test chambers and accessories for implementing highly varied ambient atmospheres


Humidity and temperature of ambient air in the test chamber

You can define relative humidities between 30% and 90% for temperatures between +20°C and +40°C.

Ambient medium in the test chamber

Based on your application needs, you can change the ambient atmosphere by introducing a gas. When using a cooling system, formation of ice on the test body contact is prevented through the introduction of nitrogen into the test chamber. By adding combustion-gas-like mixtures or components, the air composition in an exhaust gas system can be simulated or the formation of oxides in a frictional contact influenced.

High atmospheric pressure in the test chamber

A specially developed test chamber allows the investigation of components under atmospheric pressure of up to 10 bar. > Learn more

Hot steam atmosphere in the test chamber

The temperature of ambient air in the test chamber can be increased with hot steam up to approximately 700°C. This technology is used, for example, to test components needed for power station construction> Learn more

Vacuum in the test chamber

Space applications in particular require components to be tested under vacuum conditions. You can generate a high vacuum of 10-6 bar in a specially developed vacuum test chamber. > Learn more