The mechanics of our system – flexibility for the highest demands

The mechanics of our test equipment provide the flexibility needed for implementing even the most demanding test projects. Our aim has always been to develop tribological model testing with great practical application relevance. We thus oriented the mechanics of our test systems so that even very different sizes and shapes of series production components can be easily mounted in the test setup.

  • System mechanics with high practical application relevance
  • Variety of series production components can be integrated
  • Custom solutions for test system mechanics available

The most important information at a glance

  • The base
    The base of our test system is constructed to reduce as much natural vibration as possible. Other essential characteristics are the option of accommodating high test forces to achieve surface pressures found in industrial environments, and of allowing different drive types and directions of motion.
  • The contact surfaces (blocks)
    These are used to mount the test specimens and include the connections for the measurement technology of the basic systems. We offer various solutions for modifying the installation space. If required, we develop special assemblies for your applications, including the required measurement options.


  • The holders
    These secure the test setup while it is in motion during the test. We offer many proven standard solutions and develop custom holders for mounting special test parts if necessary.
  • The test chamber or enclosure of the test contact
    We also offer highly flexible solutions for the chamber or enclosure where the test contact takes place. Test chambers are not only used to create the atmosphere surrounding the test contact. They also define or limit the installation space. Our standard systems are equipped with a test chamber. It goes without saying, however, that we also build custom test benches without chambers, or with test contact enclosures developed specifically for your application.