ATD instantly provides bundled information

Do you find evaluating the measurement results from tribological testing laborious and time consuming? That’s so yesterday! Advanced TriboData (ATD) bundles information from nine completely calculated tribo-relevant parameters and makes it available during the test. This lets you effortlessly evaluate the functional properties of a tribosystem – as well as from the widest range of perspectives.

  • Standardized calculation procedures help prevent errors
  • Gain time with completely calculated characteristic parameters for your tribosystem

How ATD works

All results delivered are calculated from the raw data that comes directly from the hardware. They are thus based on real measurement data from the test force, friction sensors or the measured values from the drive motor. They are synchronously calculated by the system electronics using sophisticated mathematical methods. Six description variables, for example, deal with different aspects of friction behavior. Additional variables handle sliding behavior and the functional life of the tribosystem. 


  • ATD relieves you of time-consuming further calculation of measurement data.
  • Using our standardized calculation procedures eliminates errors that could arise from in-house calculations.
  • The measurement data from ATD channels enables automated evaluation with TriboProfiling®. > Learn more