Our analysis tools

for a deeper understanding and faster overview

For many years, our experience and know-how have gone into further developing tribological measurement technology. Now, you benefit from this because we have the expertise to support your test projects through outstanding analysis. We also have the suitable analysis tool for each stage of an investigation and for every application. Software-based results interpretation effortlessly opens up a level of knowledge previously unavailable with tribological model testing. The operation of tribocontacts can be examined under any conceivable criteria.

  • Analysis tools for all applications and investigation stages
  • Software-based results interpretation for the highest-quality knowledge
  • More efficient, faster development work


Quality of results

  • Objectifiable interpretation: All assessments are made using the same automated procedure. This eliminates misinterpretations.
  • Tribological phenomena are classified according to criteria defined by algorithms, e.g. seizure, load carrying capacity.
  • Improved repeatability and reproducibility of test results.
  • Our evaluation procedures significantly reinforce the validity of component tests through application-specific function and behavior modeling.

Practical relevance

  • TriboProfiling® results are transferable to the practice and can serve as input variables for simulation programs.
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  • Less expense required for further calculation of results at your company due to delivery of completely calculated system parameters / physical quantities
  • Time savings: Much higher results density with less evaluation time. This allows the performance of more trials; more problems can be tackled faster.