Our comprehensive concept ensures quality

As the technology leader in tribological model testing, we more than live up to our aim of providing the highest quality of products and processes. Our comprehensive approach guarantees this. Our test systems last for years. Every day, they are used by companies throughout the world for quality assurance, product comparisons and development. All of our quality assurance measures are aimed at ensuring constant, high-quality results over the entire lifetime of equipment and machine generations. This kind of quality assurance is what fundamentally distinguishes us from other manufacturers.

  • Comprehensive quality assurance concept
  • Durable products with test result comparability over many machine generations
  • Knowledge of and work with standards as well as round-robin tests ensure the comparability and precision of test results
  • Summary: Reliable investment security for our customers

We create the basis for reliable results

  • By identically designing central components over all machine generations, we establish the basic prerequisite for producing an identical load collective for each individual machine.
  • Substantiated calibration procedures and equipment ensure that all measurement and control variables are correctly recorded and valid results achieved.
  • We perform annual interlaboratory collaborative tests (round-robin tests) that are open to all customers. Our round-robin tests are characterized by diverse user-relevant projects, many participants and a correspondingly large data pool that allows meaningful statistical evaluation.
  • The result of our many years of standardization work is robust precision values on test results and profound knowledge about how our test systems behave under various operating conditions.

This puts users on the safe side

  • Proven procedures allow customers to continually review test results in their own companies.
  • We supply all of our systems with documentation that serves as the machine-specific reference standard.
  • Together with our established calibration procedures, users thus obtain a clear set of criteria for evaluating results – right from the start. Examples include procedures for measuring the friction coefficient or automatically self-calibrating the test force.
  • The success of test projects is ensured by the functional reliability of the test system and the validity of its results.

Investment security – the advantage of our quality assurance

  • DIN, ASTM and ISO standards prove that our systems are backed by profound testing.
  • Regular review of the precision of test results and the data derived from them – necessary for repeatability and reproducibility – creates transparency and certainty of outcomes.
  • Results from various machine generations are comparable.
  • Likewise, results from devices at different locations or operated by different users can be compared.
  • The results are suitable as a basis for comparing manufacturer-supplier relationships.
  • As a user, participation in round-robin tests increases your own knowledge about practical test practices.