Standardized test specimens for reliable test results

We continually supply customers with standard test specimens of constant quality. They are always made from the same material and feature the same surface treatment. Only in this manner can a fundamental basis for reliable test results be established. Our quality assurance processes cover all manufacturing stages of test specimen production.

  • Delivery of standard test specimens in constant quality
  • Quality assurance processes at all stages of production
  • Test specimens for numerous test procedures


  • The following operations can be performed with our test specimens:
    • Reference studies
    • Comparison of competitive products
    • Product comparisons between different test laboratories
    • Quality assurance (control of incoming/outgoing goods)
    • Calibration
  • We supply standard test specimens with different dimensions and surface finishing in accordance with DIN 51834. We purchase large reserves of the high-quality chrome steel we use for our test specimens. Only the purest quality of material is used. We manufacture test specimens with our own processes. After each process step, we perform strict quality controls:
    • A specially created profilogram and the corresponding certificate are included with each delivery. Our manufacturer’s certificate helps you reconstruct the manufacturing date and surface of each test specimen delivery.
    • Every batch is released only after successful completion of extensive testing of load-carrying capacity, friction coefficient level and wear.
    • In addition, standardized test materials are essential for round-robin tests.



  • For component testing, we supply test specimens from original materials, e.g.:
    • Original cylinder walls and piston rings
    • Test specimens from FZG gear material
    • Test specimens for the Vickers hydraulic pump
  • The third type of test bodies we provide are test specimens based on your individual specifications, which you can use for specific research and development projects as needed.