The right lubricant in no time at all with A-FA

A-FA changes the lubricant formulation during the test and lets you observe and evaluate the resulting reactions

Develop your new lubricant or analyze your problem better and faster. Our A-FA formulation assistant is the answer! With A-FA, you can now intervene during the model test situation and change the lubricant composition. As a lubricant chemist, A-FA helps you identify promising formulas early on and evaluate system behavior with our comprehensive analytics. > Learn more This enables more efficient and cost-effective development.

  • Intervention in the lubricant composition during testing
  • Defined addition of additives or contaminants
  • Faster development of desired lubricant / better problem analysis

A-FA functionality

A-FA lets you change the composition of liquid lubricants during tribotesting by the defined addition of substances. You can then observe and analyze the resulting reactions of the tribosystem online. The software automatically controls the precise dosing and mixing of lubricant samples and their calibrated and documented addition into the lubricant circuit in compliance with all specifications. Instead of an additive, contaminants can also be added to the lubricant to simulate functional problems that occur in practice. Examples include the addition of very small amounts of fuel in an engine oil to investigate its emergency running properties. Finally, A-FA can help further optimize a product or formulate it more economically, for example, by changing its additive concentration.