Our technologies are the key to faster identification, more knowledge and greater understanding

Technology leadership and application expertise you can trust – these are the benefits of a partnership with Optimol Instruments. Our established technologies give you decisive advantages in research and development. We have radically improved the level of knowledge you can gain from tribological model testing. Today, tribological model testing can solve tasks that were previously possible only with complex test chains.

  • Application competence from the technology leader
  • New levels of tribological model testing
  • Technology with integrated system intelligence
  • Many test design and analysis tools
  • Extensive automation
  • Guaranteed quality
We offer:
  • A technology platform with integrated system intelligence > Learn more
  • A test system that represents industry standards > Learn more
  • Test design that provides a complete picture of your tribocontact > Learn more
  • Test monitoring that gets you to your goal by the shortest path > Learn more
  • Analysis tools for all needs > Learn more
  • Automated processes for efficient testing methodology > Learn more
  • A comprehensive approach to quality assurance> Learn more